Our Aim & Vision

  • To provide financial institutions with the skills and tools to detect, deter and disrupt fraud, money laundering, terrorism and the many forms of financial crime. 
  • To protect institutions and stake holders against criminals and extremists 
  • To provide high quality and innovative training globally.
  • To provide advanced technical knowledge needed for the effective & strategic performance of professionals.
  • To keep all professionals one step ahead in an ever-changing world. 
  • To unlock the talent & potential of human capital.
  • To assist in skills development & sharpening of professional skills.

Through our training we aim to shift mindsets, and instill the competence, the intellectual aptitude and the leadership capacity required for people to excel through multiple roles in their profession. 

Our training programmes are well appreciated globally and many of our team members are internationally known by the media for their professional achievements/investigations lead and several books and articles written.