Fraud - Detect, Deter & Disrupt

A fraud suspect might not be easy to pick out of a crowd - or from a rap sheet.

The types of frauds occurring in organizations are endless…

Businesses/ Individuals should have an effective anti-fraud training program to be able to :

  • Spot Red Flags
  • Spot the different personality types of their employee
  • Detect deception and create strategies to gain quality information
  • Get into the fraudster's mind Knowing how to interview the fraudster/ the suspect
  • Get a confession…

Whether your career is focussed exclusively on fraud detection, deterrence or prevention OR You just want to learn more on Fraud deterrence, KEYNES Training is your source for information and support.

Fraud can be devastating to a business. Even more alarming, as financial pressures bear down on individuals, their need for money and rationalization to commit fraud grow.

As organizations increase their focus on risk, they should take the opportunity to consider, enact and improve measures to detect & deter fraud. Therefore having an effective anti-fraud training can, not only improve employee morale and lead to increased compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and standards but well-trained employees can identify suspicious activity, and, through proper training, management can communicate its commitment to high ethical standards and fraud prevention.

That's why KEYNES Training brings you highly qualified and experienced trainers and consultants to help you detect and prevent fraud in your organization and identify certain common traits and red flags. We sharpen your skills and keep you informed. 

Our specific & bespoke training programs are scalable.

Our list of courses for Fraud Identification and Prevention is extensive. Contact us to discuss further on your training needs, no matter which industry you are in.

Contact us for your Anti-Fraud training program OR if you wish to obtain an internationally recognised certificate on Fraud detection, Compliance etc

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