Beyond the labels we are a committed team with extensive industry experience whose innovation, passion and dedication transpire into results for your firm

Our core team of specialised Trainers and Consultants are subject matter experts from various backgrounds and industries, drawing upon extensive investigative experience, open source research, court monitoring, and continued interactions with the global law enforcement community.
They hail from Financial services, Government, Law enforcement, Regulatory bodies and various Financial Crime and other professional bodies. Some of our team members are known internationally by the media for their professional achievements / investigations lead, and several books and articles written.
KEYNES offers not only a variety of high quality training globally, but also offers advice to many financial institutions in the UK, European Union, Asia and Africa.


We will exceed current standards.
Our training programmes, advice & specialized services are well appreciated and sought for, globally.

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Certified Fraud Examiner (US)
Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)
Won CEO Africa Awards 2020
Best Anti Financial Crime Training Provider
Member of the advisory council of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (US) for the past 10 years

Experienced in the field of Financial Crime Prevention and Deterrence, Business Assurance, Auditing, Risk Management and Business development.
Managed portfolio of more than 200 High Net Worth individuals, Trust, Lloyds Underwriters, Owner Managed Businesses, Contractors, Property businesses & many others in the UK and was also Internal Auditor at an MU SEM listed company. Trained all level of officers of Regulatory Bodies and private firms.
An original thinker; solution driven, results-oriented professional and proactive, she sets her motto as 'think outside the box' and adopts innovative approaches to adapt to the ever-changing world.

✔ Years of Experience: 25+

Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (US)

Extensive experience in compliance & governance, financial crime, advanced due diligence & screening, finance, auditing & risk, management.
He was head of finance department of a SEM/DEM listed company, audit manager at one of the Big 4 and. He has trained several professionals of Financial & Non Financial institutions including local & international banks, on, Compliance & Risk, Anti Money Laundering and Fraud, Audit and is an independent consultant and compliance auditor.

✔ Years of Experience: 29+

Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist
Masters in Fraud Management

Highly experienced financial crime investigator and advisor to Banks and other Financial & Non Financial institutions, Regulators and Financial Services Providers, across US, UK, Europe and Africa. He worked in the Investigation Unit of New Scotland Yard Metropolitan Police and was lead investigator on major terrorist attack involving Money laundering, Corruption, Fraud and on Human Trafficking & other illicit activities in the UK and overseas.
He is reputed for the delivery of dynamic, interactive financial intelligence training to the Financial services Sectors and Law Enforcement, worldwide.
Former head of European Operations for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

✔ Years of Experience: 35+

Chartered Accountant

Experienced professionals in compliance, risk management, audit, assurance, taxation, consulting, to international firms, regulatory bodies.
Member of the Insurance delegation in FATF evaluation relating to preparedness of Anti Money Laundering Regulations
Member of the Advisory Board to specialist firms in research, training and advisory on AML/CFT in Asia and in skills development of professionals in the financial services sectors.
He has conducted several training on AML/CFT/ Regulatory compliance /Risk Management, FATCA, CRS, Fraud Risk Management and many others to global financial and Non financial firms and to international regulatory bodies.

✔ Years of Experience: 35+


Law Practitioner and worked with renown barrister- at-law for several years.
She was the International First prize on Business Management, Accountancy and Finance and has trained several law students.